Linda Rowntree - Soul Advocate

Psychic Medium


Psychic Readings

A psychic reading means I link in with you and what is going on around you. It can include any part of your everyday life - family, work, job, career, wealth, relationships etc., anything that is earthbound. This type of reading is especially useful if you are feeling stuck and are looking for direction

Mediumship Readings

This is where I connect with the energy of those that have passed over and bring forward messages from them. They are always treated with love and respect.

Both readings can be very healing and have their own benefits - I always do any reading with care and compassion.

Readings can be half an hour or an hour long. You can have either a psychic reading or a mediumship reading or a bit of both. Readings can be in person or online. To book a reading with me click the button below.