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Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki can help with all aspects of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs that we all have because it balances and heals where it is needed. This then brings about a sense of oneness and harmony.


For instance, if you feel like life and others are in control, then Reiki can help you to realise that being in charge of yourself will ultimately control your environment and how you respond to others.


If you feel like you are always trying to please others, then Reiki can help you to understand that the only approval you need is the one you give yourself to be the awesome and loving person you are.


Reiki will help you to find clarity by finding your truth, which brings about a sense of confidence to be able to communicate in a reasonable way.


On a physical level Reiki re-balances your hormones such as cortisol, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which reduces the symptoms of stress and brings about a feeling of happiness, good health and well-being.


Many of the symptoms of dis-ease such as pain, nausea, anxiety are relieved and so you feel calmer and more at peace. 


Reiki is traditionally a form of hands on healing, although I work in the body’s energy field rather than physically touch the body and you remain fully clothed at all times. I then reconnect you to your Higher Self so that you receiver the healing that you need in the moment. I also use crystals to re-balance.

A typical session lasts about an hour and these can be done in person or online. If you are ready to book a healing session with me then click the button here.




Reiki Attunements

Reiki I - For you...

This will be your first step into this wonderful healing energy, and it really is all about you. You cannot think about healing anyone else until you can help yourself... You will be shown how to do exactly that. You will also be given attunement to a higher energy frequency which will probably heighten your sense of spiritual awareness. This could also be the start of a new career.

Reiki II - For others...

Once you have been attuned to Reiki I and you feel the time is right to take the second step, then you can be attuned to Reiki II. This is for you if you would like to run a healing practice and help others. Again you will receive attunement to a higher level of spiritual energy.

Reiki III - Master Teachers

The final step in The Dr. Usui Reiki System. This will enable you to give attunement to other people and increase your level of energy and your healing power. When I was attuned my Reiki Master likened the energy that you are attuned to like this... Reiki I a 60 watt bulb, Reiki II a 100 watt bulb and Reiki III a 240 watt bulb. 

Whatever level you are atttuned to, it will be with you for life and it will have an impact on you and those around you, but for the better.

Reiki attunements I will do at any time to suit you, so if one of the dates for attunement doesn't suit you then please give me a call to arrange on 07581 533 425 or email:

Soul Retrieval 

When we experience people, places and things that cause us trauma or distress, we can leave an energetic part of us with that trauma or distress. The Soul Retrieval session takes you on a journey to find and bring that part of you back to realise the healing needed along with a sense of oneness and completeness once again.

Some of the symptoms that you have lost a part of your Soul are:

  • Depression 

  • Reliving past trauma

  • Unhealthy addictions

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Negative thoughts and low vibrational energy

  • Self neglect

  • Not being present and enjoying life

Soul Retrieval will bring you back to reconnection and in a position to live a life that you enjoy.