My Holistic Harmony
Linda retrained as a Complementary Therapist in 1998 starting with Reiki and then moving on to qualify in:
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Intuitive Colour Therapy
  • Baby and Infant Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Angelic Healing
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching
We also offer Swedish Massage and Sports Massage -with Tracey or Lisa
Lisa also offers Bach Flower Essence consultations - please contact Rainbow House for more details.
If you would like to book an appointment or would like more information as to which therapy is suitable for you then please call Linda on 07581 533 425 or email: 
A brief medical history may be taken prior to treatment but all information is strictly PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL. Clients remain fully clothed during treatments, unless it is massage
There are 168 hours in a week - shouldn't one of them be yours
Reiki  is an ancient form of hands on healing and is ideal for anyone at any age. Allow approximately 1 hour 
Reflexology - By linking in on certain reflex points on the hands or feet, Reflexology can have an affect on the rest of your body, and is good for stress management, physical conditions and emotional problems. 
Foot Spa - The ultimate in a Reflexology treatment...have a warm relaxing foot spa before the massage. This encourages better healing.
Indian Head Massage has been practiced for centuries and is ideal if you suffer from headaches, sinus problems and tension in the shoulders and neck area.
Ear Candling is ideal if you have excess ear wax and other ear, nose and throat problems. Along with the ear candling you will receive a gentle but healing facial massage to enhance the effects of the candling.
Baby and Infant Massage gives your baby an incredible start in life and encourages the bond between child and caregiver...This is an 8 week course and may be given on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group. Allow 1 - 1.5 hours per session.
Angelic Healing is given by connecting with your Guardian Angel as well as the Archangels. To experience the loving energy that they manifest allow approx 1 hour.
Crystal Healing is given by placing crystals on or around your body. You benefit from the healing energy generated by the crystals as well as the colour vibration of each stone- Sessions last approx 1 hour.
Meditation and Mindfulness can be amazingly healing, informative and motivational. These can be given on a 1-2-1 basis

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