Linda Rowntree - Soul Advocate 

Re-awaken your Soul, remember, reconnect, realign and transform... Bliss

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This 3-month course will take you from a place of fear, sadness. loneliness and despair to one of harmony, peace, and happiness. We will look at what you struggle with and what areas of your life this is affecting. True happiness comes from within.


You do not have a Soul, you are a Soul trying to navigate what can be a very difficult life. When we re-connect with our Soul and realise our Soul Mission, our Life Journey becomes so much easier. Soul work puts you in charge. You will learn about yourself and know yourself in a way you never have. Self-awareness has nothing to do with anyone else and is so empowering.

By remembering what your Soul Purpose is, you can then connect with your unique gifts and bring that uniqueness to the world. When this happens your heart will sing for joy. 

If you change what happens in your Spiritual awareness you change the world around you. You let go of lower vibration patterns of such things of apathy, fear, judgement, introspection and lack, to replace it with higher vibration energy of peace, joy, happiness and love. Your world becomes expansive and easy and things come your way without you even having to ask.

Once you know what your Soul Purpose is, you will start to attract anything that will bring it to life. You become motivated and driven and your self-love and confidence are raised.  When you commit to doing what your Soul yearns for, you allow Universal Laws to bring you anything you desire. 

Your Higher Self is the voice of your Soul and knows everything about you, past, present and future. Your Higher self is of unconditional love and will only ever tell you the truth. Truth can only come from love.

When you feel awkward or there is resistance it is because your Higher Self is letting you know that there is something wrong. Learn to connect with it, trust it and believe in the outcome. 

Transform your life now from earthly distractions to true balance of Soul Connection and Divine Inspiration. All you have to do is...

Remember who you are - The Soul that you are

Remember what you are here for - Your Souls Purpose

Find a way to achieve it - Your Souls Journey

This life is all about the journey. Let me journey with you to your becoming. I can help and support you to find what lies hidden. You know it all anyway, you brought it with you, you just have to remember.

Call me now to begin your transformation by understanding what your Soul Purpose is. Your transformation will be magical and long lasting while change is merely fleeting.

Happy Asking Produces Prosperity. Intention Nurtures Energy for Spiritual Security - Linda Rowntree

I know where you are right now, looking and searching for the help you need and not having the courage to enrol on a course that will give you the tools to help you to find your happiness. That is why I have created an e-book that will help you get started. It is FREE, all you have to do is click the button below and it is yours. Enjoy!